October 7, 2005

Oh no, Sterling could actually beat Lee this year, lets split up the district

From the Baytown Sun:

BAYTOWN — Hurricane Rita may have claimed another casualty: the annual Lee-Sterling football game. Under a plan released Thursday by the District 22-5A executive committee, the teams are not scheduled to meet.

However, there are still various scenarios that could have the Ganders and Rangers play “The Game” for the 38th year.

The new plan divides the eight District 22-5A schools into two four-team pools. Pool A includes Westfield, Beaumont West Brook, Sterling and Kingwood. Pool B is made up of Humble, Port Arthur Memorial, Spring and Lee.

Don't get me wrong, I couldn't care less about football, I just thought it would have been cool for Sterling to beat Lee in my Senior Year. Now the Lee-Sterling game will only happen if the outcomes of other games decide it. Why did they make it to where the Pools split up ALL the rival teams? Humble and Kingwood: rivals, Spring and Westfield: rivals, Sterling and Lee: rivals. I don't get it.

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