March 24, 2005

More from history class

Yesterday we finished a video about the Korean War. It featured interviews with veterans who fought there.

At the end of the film the narrator asks "Was it all worth it?", and it goes back to each veteran giving their answer. Each one said something like "I do think it was worth it because if we didn't fight for democracy then our own democracy would be threatened."

So the video told us that the commies were out to get us.

Ok. It was a pretty old video, probably made before the fall of the Soviet Union, but it still applies to today's so-called "War on Terrorism". Its not the communists anymore, its the terrorists, and they're "OUT TO GET US! OH NO! KILL THEM TOWL-HEADED SUNZUBITCHES!!"

(I'll say this again: you can't fight a war on an -ism. I mean, you can't fight a WORD and you can never destroy an idea.)

First, lets think for a second. Why on earth would North Korea want to invade South Korea? Oh yeah! Korea was split in two after World War II! I dunno, maybe they just wanted their country back? Gee, how selfish is THAT, right? But no, we were just like, "Holy shit their trying to take over the fucking world!" And now we think that an international group of Muslim fundamentalists from various third world countries is going to overthrow the United States. And we go to war with Iraq because they MIGHT have nukes, which they didn't and don't.

I think we should learn from the mistakes of the Cold War. We must learn that you can't invade a country and change it into a democracy. Its NEVER been done, it CAN'T be done.

When the colonists felt oppressed by England, they built up their OWN resistance and fought for themselves (until the French saved their asses). The people living under oppressive governments today will fight back someday, on their own. We don't need to do it all for them. Our foreign policy should not involve explosives.

Has anyone at the Pentagon thought of this yet?

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