March 18, 2005

Idiot History Teacher

We're talking about the Cold War in history. My teacher said we pumped billions of dollars to western Europe to keep them from becoming communists. Then he said that was the main reason why he has a problem with the French.


You have a problem with the French because we gave them billions of dollars in aid after World War II? Huh? Oh, it must have something to do with the War on Iraq. Ha. Yeah, I guess he overlooked the reason why we went to war and the reason France didn't. And he also overlooked that France is not the only country who is NOT helping us fight the war on Iraq. And he also overlooked that there really were no weapons of mass destruction, remember how we found that out recently?

And just this morning my neo-conservative friend Tim started to go off about how he wanted to "run that country into the ground"

Why the hell do people hate France so much? Spain isn't fighting. Germany isn't fighting. Russia isn't fighting. A hell of a lot of people aren't fighting and we pick the French to shit on.

Lets not forget that we wouldn't have won the Revolutionary War without France, remember the battle of Yorktown? Britain had us cornered at the coast and France sailed up just in time.

Sure we helped them out in World War II but that doesn't mean they automatically have to help us blow up Iraq, especially since we're obviously wrong.


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Ron said...

Americans hate the French because, deep down, we feel inferior to them.