March 30, 2005

Boxer wants deadline for Leaving Iraq; Senator says Iraqis can't rely forever on U.S. for security

By John Wildermuth / San Francisco Chronicle courtesy of

Sen. Barbara Boxer, back from a visit to Iraq, called on President Bush Tuesday to set a deadline for pulling U.S. troops out of that country and letting the Iraqis handle their own defense.

"If we do not set a date, the signals are very mixed,'' Boxer said in San Francisco. "People will just sit back and let us defend them.''

While U.S. military leaders were both concerned about the growing danger of a lengthy stay in Iraq and confident that the newly trained Iraqi military forces can handle the country's security, Iraqi officials she talked to had their doubts about when their troops would be ready, the California Democrat said.

With the current open-ended commitment of U.S. troops, there's a danger the Iraqis will become too dependent on the U.S. presence, she said.

"We need to lay out a plan, a goal, an expectation,'' Boxer said. "We have to tell the Iraqis, 'You have to take the second step now.' ''

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So I guess some senators have figured it out, but no one who's actually in charge are doing what they should be doing: getting us the hell out of there. There should at least be a cease-fire of sorts, something, anything foreshadowing Peace.

"Some say I'm a dreamer..."


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