March 9, 2005

Los Angeles

I was in L.A. the past four days. Two words: Friggin' Awesome. Part of the reason it was so fun was because we made it fun. Aaron, Rachael, Yoli, Katy, Kyle, Fulton, Tim, Stuart, KK, Hayley, James, all the band kids.

flew to LA, gave thumbs up to Courtney, got tied up by Tim, Bowman, and Andrew with duct tape and stood me up by the window just in time for an entire squad of cheerleaders to walk by and see me. Took pictures. FRIGGIN' AWESOME.

Marched in a parade at Disneyland and played our marching show music in front of the castle, rode rides/was really loud and youthful everywhere we went, ate at the House of Blues.

Recording session at Disneyland. Rode rides/was really loud and youthful. That night we got Stuart to come up to our room thinking we were going to tie up Bowman, only to get duct taped by us and Bowman.

Universal Studios. Rode rides, it was friggin' fun. Got the crap scared out of us at the Van Helsing thing, it was like a haunted house. We ate at Midieval Times and pissed off the Black and White Knight, calling him and all the other knights (except our Yellow Knight who seemed to enjoy our abuse of the other knights) "dingle berry"and "douche bag". We specifically called the Black and White Knight "oreo"and had our whole section chanting "oreo!" and he later told me and this dude named Marcus to shut up since he knew we started it. Friggin' Awesome.

Tour of L.A. Stopped outside the Chinese Theatre and walked down whatever street its on, with all those stars on the sidewalk. And we checked out the celebrity handprints in the cement outside the theater. My hand fits right inside Dick Van Dyke's print. Then we drove down Sunset Strip and saw the hotel where John Belluche overdosed and the club where River Phoenix was killed. Then we turned onto Rodeo Drive, so naturally I put in Rage Against the Machine's Evil Empire and listened to "Down Rodeo". Saw a bunch of stores where you need reservations to shop in, saw Marilyn Monroe's house. Then we turned onto this other street and stopped at Guitar Center. Saw a drum head signed by D.H. Peligro of Dead Kennedys. There were rockstar handprints outside on the sidewalk like Ramones, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, the Yardbirds, the Ventures, Dick Dale, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Ozzy, Carlos Santana, etc. My hand fit really well in Markey Ramone and Eric Clapton's hand. Then we flew back.

A little while ago:
I found out I'm number 72 in a class of 566 with a gpa of 4.257. I have done homework on about five occasions so far this school year. What does that say?


Ron said...

Cool post, Adam; I think you're starting to find your blogger voice. I think it's good to mix in personal info, but I strongly suggest that you find a way to weave your own personal narrative into the political stuff you're doing.

That is, you were visiting the land of ARTIFICIAL REALITY created by evil corporations for the purposes of anesthetizing the masses: what does that mean in terms of how art, politics, culture, daily American life, etc, are warped and twisted by corporate power? It sounds like you were caught up in all the hype. Actually, I probably would have been, too--I mean that's where I'm headed after I've gotten my MFA in acting. But the deal is that you've got to notice how such strong forces affect even you, a left-wing hippie weirdo like me.

IMHO, that makes for good blogging: how does your own personal experience connect with what's happening in the Grand Scheme? How are you, personally, being repressed by elitist power? It is not at all silly to record the method by which plastic corporate pop culture infests one's own brain and life--if that's not repression, I don't know what is.

I know this, of course, because I'm a Madonna fan from way back.

Adam said...

will do