July 5, 2007

Quite bored, quite at work

So I'm working at my dad's power plant again, here in Pasadena, Texas, but I'm doing slightly different work than I did last time. For the past two weeks my partner and I have been entering into a computer three pieces of information for each piece of equipment IN THE ENTIRE PLANT as according to records printed on May 4th, 1988 (just a few days after I was born).

I'm down to the last few pages right now, but I'm so tired (it's not even 7:30 yet) my body keeps cramping up while I type this stuff in. I'm trying to loosen up by taking the risk of slacking off and maybe getting in trouble, you know how blogs are.

There's hardly anyone here so I don't feel too bad about half assing it, thought it should probably mean the opposite, what with the whole 'holding down the fort' idea. But I feel the fort is pretty well held down here, even with everyone gone on vacation (including my entire immediate family, who are on the way to Califuckingfornia at the moment).

I've concluded that this new job I have here is easier on the body, but much harder on the mind. I used to mow grass all day. It was a riding mower and everything, but I had to wear long sleeves, jeans, boots, a hardhat and goggles, and in the summer that's not so comfortable. If I had that job today I'd have nothing to do at all, so this blog wouldn't be a total waste of time, but anyway, I think I'd much rather be doing that one despite the toilyness.

HA, but I really like how my work is at a computer, faced away from the doorway, so it looks like I'm working while I type this.

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