March 29, 2007

Senate writes a timetable bill

I'm not going to post an article or anything just because I know that everyone understands that the Senate passed a bill that includes a timeline for an Iraq pullout. I also appologize for not posting anything for a while. I suck, I know.

Anyway, I think this bill is pretty cool, I just don't expect it to succeed. The Democrats have basically said, "alright, we've done our part, if Bush vetos this it's his responsibility." They're right about Bush, but I don't think it should end at Bush's veto. It sounds like they're not planning to reverse the veto, and that's fucked up.

They'll sit back and let the war go on after Bush vetos their bill, and when it indefinately gets worse they can at least say, "Hey, we tried to stop it but Bush wouldn't let us! There's nothing else we can do!" If the war somehow, by some stroke of complete insanity, gets better, they can probably get by with saying that the bill displayed America's impatience and pressured Iraq to take responsibility for the country. Of course, there's NO way that this bill is going to do any good if it get vetoed.

In any case, next order of business: IMPEACHMENT.

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