March 24, 2007

the wal-mart rock


Ron said...

Wow, man, that totally rocks. Very much in the DKs tradition, but very much your own. The superimposition of the lyrics was an excellent touch, too; I mean, why write socially conscious lyrics if people can't really follow them? I guess that's kind of a problematic issue with the punk genre--even Jello tended to undermine his own politics by garbling the words, but man it all sounds great. Anyway, have you ever thought of incorporating some hot punk rock chick into your act for the purpose of holding up big cue cards for the audience so they can clearly get your lyrics? It would be so Brechtian, and therfore artsy and cool.

Adam said...

actually yeah, I've thought about having like an easel up on the stage with the lyrics written on it that our big-boobed friend Kadye would be in charge of!