November 1, 2005

Walken for president?

Check this out. Its a campaign website for the 2008 presidential race, the candidate being Christopher Walken!

This could easily be a fan-started website that Christopher Walken doesn't even know about yet, but check out some quotes from the platform:

"Private schools have long been the standard for quality education in this country, while public schools have been regarded as prison-like institutions to house children until they reach adulthood and are unleashed into society... We need to teach our children of the value and importance of a good education, and not threaten them with punishment for failure."

"Border crackdowns and stricter controls don’t work. Our focus needs to be on employers who hire undocumented workers under-the-table. These employers not only cheat social security by avoiding taxes, but more importantly minimize the demand for
wage-earning citizens."

"Abortion is one of the issues tearing our Union apart. The answer lies not in forcing one side to follow the other, but in solving the underlying problems. If we focus on practical education and teaching responsibility, rather than debate over ethics, we’ll have no more need for abortion."

"Nobody will argue that Saddam Hussein was not a tyrannical dictator, or that he shouldn’t have been unseated, but to take our nation to war under false pretenses, against the will of the democratic world we claim to defend, is not a decision I support... I will seek the aid of the world community we once scorned, to form a special peacekeeping coalition to assist with the consolidation of power in Iraq. My top priority will be to stabilize Iraq under this international force and end our occupation."

If he really does run in '08, I'll definately vote for him. Its time to overthrough this bipartisan consensus thats getting us nowhere.

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