November 5, 2005

I kick ass

Okay, so my dad is back from his long ass business trip and short story shorter, our internet works.

Anyway, I think its time to comment on how much ass I kick.

In my English class, we were broken up into small groups and given a Canterbury Tale to read. We had to write a script for that tale (ours was "The Pardoner's Tale"), and perform it for the class.

The skits were supposed to be 6-12 minutes long, and after a few readings and run-throughs out in the hall, we knew ours was too short. We knew what we had to do, and we weren't sure if we could, but we went for it. We had to improve.

I had already planned my own solo ad-lib to kill some time after my character stabs one of the others. I was going for a Family Guy-esque type drag-on, something my band director calls "milking the bit". I was going on about how I had been working out ("squat thrusts", "raw eggs every morning").

I basically had the class rolling, and I did it with style, I was like a freaking comedian up there! I got the first laugh and I just couldn't stop, I was an effing god! The class was in my hands.

And then a few seconds later, my character and another character had to die from poisoning, and we dragged that out pretty well too, and I taq'd on a few more big laughs.

The next day my teacher was sort of joking around before we took this test and she nomiated me for "Playa of the Week". We had a vote, I kicked ass. "Who votes for Adam?", *crowd goes wild.

Okay I'm done.

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