November 27, 2005

My best argument so far

The following is a response I made on a forum to someone who said that our military presence in Iraq stops terrorists from fighting us on our own soil:

Our whole 200+ year history shows that we don't take shit, we didn't need to start another war to prove that, plus, they didn't attack us because they thought we wouldn't do anything about it. They're religion doesn't tell them to just be bullies for the hell of it, not even their screwed up version of their own religion says that.

How to decrease Middle Eastern hatred of the US:

1) Stop supporting Israel. Playing favorites in a violent religious argument is a bad idea. Either support both Israel and Palestine or support neither of them.

2) Stop attacking countries that weren't a threat to you and weren't even feared by it's neighboring countries.

How to decrease hatred of the US from any point of view:

1) Don't overthrow democratically elected tyrants and install other tyrants, let oppressed people deal with it how they see fit.

2) Don't claim to be ridding a country of an evil-doer while you're in bed with a country whose leaders are just as evil.

3) Don't tell people to destroy their nukes while you have thousands of nukes. This displays that you think you are more intelligent than them, it isn't taken well.

I'm not saying we deserved 9/11, please spare me that nonsense, I'm just saying that violence can not be stopped by violence. If our goal in Iraq is to stop terrorism, war is the perfect anti-strategy.

(yes, violence stopped the Nazi regime, but the Nazis were an elite group, they were visible, they were aware of each other, there was a limited number of them because they only appeased Aryans and persecuted everyone else. They could be stopped because of their exclusive principles. Anyone can be a terrorist, it doesn't matter what you believe in, thats the difference between Iraq and World War II, only Germans/Aryans WHO AGREED WITH THE NAZI PRINIPLES could be given the title. You can destroy a title, but never an idea. Naziism was an institution, but terrorism is not so tangible)

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