July 4, 2005

Youth Brigade kicks ashe (updated 7/5)

I found another 80s punk band that totally rips my face off. Their name was Youth Brigade.

I got this documentary from Netflix called "Another State of Mind". Its a film made when Youth Brigade "went on tour with Minor Threat" and Social Distortion. The reason for the quotes around Minor Threat are because Minor Threat didn't actually tour with them at all. You don't see Minor Threat until the very end when the tour ends in Washington D.C.

But back to the point, Youth Brigade is just one of those bands. Totally hardcore punk rock strait from the 80s and only from the 80s. The band was a trio of brothers, the Stern brothers. They started the Better Youth Orginization (BYO), which put on shows, promoted bands, put out records, and promoted unity among alienated youth, or punks. In fact, the BYO is still around, they're mainly a record company now. Here's their site.

Anyway, check them out somehow.

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