July 14, 2005

Tales from a Key Club Convention

For anyone who thinks the kids in Key Club are upright citizens or do-gooders, think again. Do-gooders? Maybe. Upright citizens? Not all of them.

If you're like me and you're not really sure what Key Club actually is, it doesn't matter.
Here are some quotes from an IM converstation I had from a Key Club member who was at the Texas convention in April:

the chick that was supposed to run all of our meetings got kicked out because she was caught in a boys room. ha ha ...she's the chick in charge of all of texas and oklahoma...

but yeah, it was funny, the video had these guys in tuxes running down the hall of the hotel with super soakers and busting in a room with a girl and a boy.

lol.... well... see, its more... we're not the druggie drinking types. but the key clubbers like to get down, you know what i mean?...like, the convention dance... oh man. so much humping in such a small space

So there you have it. Wow, I guess this is kinda like my first exposé. What can I say, I just love the truth.

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Macjohndald said...

Nice. I'll never look at a keyclub person the same way again. I've been to a few of their meetings but only for the donuts. I STILL don't know what it is.