September 11, 2004

Well it's 9/11, I suppose I should say something about it

Wow, has it been three years already? Yes it has, because 2004 minus 2001 equals three, and today is 9/11. That was a joke by the way. Is it still evil to say something about 9/11 if its not sad? Oh well, who cares? No one reads this blog anyway.

Did you know that a satellite can read a license plate number from outer space? I know you know that Osama bin Laden has not yet been captured. Why not? Here's your answer,"We don't know the territory dumb ass! There are millions of caves in Afghanistan and Palistine, or where ever he is!". Here's my responses to that,"Maybe he's in Saudi Arabia with his family who funds him. Three million dollars if I'm not mistaken."

Thats correct, by the way. No really, it is. Osama bin Laden has assets to at least three million dollars. The head lines said the trade center was attacked by terrorists. As my favorite writer, Michael Moore, points out,"Why didn't the head lines say 'Trade Center Attacked by Millionaire'?" That would have been just as acurate. Maybe instead of the War on Terror it should be the War on Millionaires. That just wouldn't seem to make sense would it? A war on millionaires? There are always going to be millionaires! How can you start a war against them? Guess what, there are always going to be terrorists. How could we start an entire "War on Terrorism"? Some people say,"You have to fight fire with fire!". Physically and literally, you have to fight fire with water or baking soda or foam from a fire extinguisher. Just ask any FIRE FIGHTER. It works the same way with fire from a gun. Maybe the U.S wouldn't be a terrorist target if we gave something back to the world instead of consuming so much.
More on this later...

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