September 12, 2004

More on a bogus war

Like I was saying yesterday, you can't start a war against terrorism. My last statement was,"Maybe the U.S. wouldn't be a terrorist target if we gave something back to the world instead of taking so much[from it]."

Here's an idea that I found from, you guessed it, my favorite writer Michael Moore: Promise that within five years that the U.S. will give everyone in the world a clean drink of water(if they don't already have access to clean water). Then actually do it. This makes the U.S. a more caring country and less of a bully, thus creating little reason to want to kill its people in attacks like that of September 11th.

The cinics out there will say thats impossible. I ask,"Why not?". We're the richest country and largest consumer (and poluter) in the world. We could easily give people all around the world, who don't have one, a clean drink of water. It would be so simple. Ask water bottling companies to donate some water to the Give 'em a Friggin Drink Foundation, and they can brag about it all they want for publicity! It works out for everyone. Sure the price for bottled water would go up(more reason for the companies to do it) in the U.S., but as if that wasn't going to happen anyway, right? Plus, we could all feel alot safer knowing the world doesn't hate us so much.

Helping people.....What a concept!

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