September 4, 2004

War over Education

So I was watching the Republican Convention on PBS the other night. I watched Cheney give his speech. Huge crowd. Lots of cowboy hats. Anyway, at one point he mentioned "Bush" and "education" in the same sentence for some reason and I noticed that the crowd's response was not nearly as big as when he talked about how we caught Saddam Hussein. What does this suggest about Republicans? Maybe their official color is red because they are blood-thirsty. Maybe their just gun nuts, which is fine with me, but shouldn't education still be an important subject even if this is a time of war? Maybe the only people at the convention were a bunch of rich oil guys with no kids who could care less about America's youth. Do we really want their candidate to win? Well, from the looks of it, it wasn't just a bunch of rich (white) oil guys. There were some ignorant parents with their kids too. But the fact still remains, War got a much more enthusiastic response than Education at the GOP Convention.

I guess my point is, maybe having a president who represents highly violent-natured people is a bad idea. (This would be a good time to mention that I don't endorce Kerry but I would prefer him to win since he's the only shot we've got to get rid of George of Arabia.)

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