July 17, 2008

Minimum wage increases next month

The Democrap's greatest achievement (not) since the '06 election: raising the minimum wage, hits its next benchmark next week. On July 24th, all non-tip earning US workers must be paid a minimum of $6.55 an hour.

Aren't you just so excited?

You can so live off of that, huh?

Oo, and next year it goes up to $7.25, how will we manage??

Anyway, sorry I haven't blogged in a month Ron and John. I know you guys just sit on the edge of your computer chairs waiting for me to update this extraordinary page. All self-hate aside, I've been SUPER busy with work and trying to make The Drafted known in Houston.

But back to the minimum wage: Ralph Nader proposes the minimum wage be raised to $10 an hour. 'Nuff said home skillet. Speaking of him, he posted a new article recently, go to Nader.org and read it. Heck I guess I'll post some of it soon.

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