June 3, 2008

The Muffs

A long time ago my brother and I tuned in to 91.7 ktru Houston (Rice University's station) and they were playing this punk/garage set. We caught the latter half of a song that was obviously called "Oh Nina." I was enthralled with this song. The chorus was so infectious to me I just couldn't stand it; the raunchy female vocals strummed my newfound punk rock heartstrings with a strength they hadn't yet felt before. The song haunted and alluded me for years, as I didn't catch the name of the group who performed it. I never even heard the song again or found out who played it until literally about five minutes ago. Funny thing is, I've known about the Muffs for a while but never bothered to check them out.

Without further adieu, I give you The Muffs and "Oh Nina":

..and here's some Wiki info:

After releasing their initial 7" EPs and singles independently and on local labels, The Muffs signed to Warner Bros. Records in the early '90s. After the release of their first album, Warner Brothers failed to promote the band. In spite of this the Muffs set the stage for the success of bands like Green Day, and producer Rob Cavallo. Despite the wide exposure afforded by appearing on a wide variety of movie soundtracks (Clueless director Amy Heckerling, in particular, had taken a keen interest in their songs) as well as a lucrative Fruitopia commercial, The Muffs were eventually dropped from the label. The Muffs have since continued to release new records on various independent labels.

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