June 1, 2008

Baytown, Texas has a curb-side recycling program!

From the Baytown Sun:

“We’re really anxious to get it started,” deputy city manager Bob Leiper said of the long-awaited curbside recycling program that kicks off next week.

Baytown City Council members unanimously approved the program in January and the purchase of 21,000 18-gallon plastic tubs that will hold residents’ newspapers, plastics 1 and 2, (labels can be found on the bottom of bottles), and aluminum cans until they can be picked up and sorted.

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OH MY GOD I had no idea about this program until today, when I found this article at the Baytown Sun's website. Curbside recycling makes Baytown like a hundred points cooler in my book. It costs residents only $2.25 a month to get their recyclables picked up by Waste Management, according to this article. Supposedly it was originally going to cost $2.50 but Bayer Material Science supposedly purchased the recycling bins for the city and that brought down the monthly cost by $.50.

Now all we gotta do is petition Exxon and Shell to start getting serious about alternative fuels.

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keep quoting these dead white guys for a reason. We seem to be repeating some particularly nasty history, right now.