December 9, 2006

Police: Ill. gunman [not terrorist] angry over invention

From the AP via Yahoo! News:

Joe Jackson, 59, made at least one other attempt Friday to enter the offices of the intellectual property law firm Wood, Phillips, Katz, Clark & Mortimer, but was turned away because he didn't have an appointment, said Chicago Police Superintendent Phil Cline.

The next time he returned, Jackson had a revolver, knife and hammer hidden in a manila envelope, Cline said. He forced a security guard at gunpoint to take him up to the 38th floor, where shooting victim Michael McKenna, 58, rented office space. Jackson carried McKenna's business card in his pocked, Cline said.

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I don't mean to ignore the actual story, but I am. I've posted this to point out that Joe Jackson is not a terrorist, he is a gunman. He was angry, shot some people, his religion, or lack thereof, is irrelevant. Even the word "terror" is nowhere to be found on the entire web page.

Also in Illinois:

A Muslim convert is in custody accused of trying to trade two stereo speakers for a 9 mm pistol and the grenades authorities say he wanted to carry out an attack on holiday shoppers.


The imam of the Muslim Association of Greater Rockford, Shpendim Nadzaku, commended authorities for intercepting the alleged plot and reiterated "the Muslim community's condemnation of terrorism in the name of Islam."

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This web page had "terror," "terrorist," and "terrorism," in several places, though the article itself only used the word "terrorism" once, but it was okay because a Muslim said it...

Joe Jackson the gunman actually killed some people, Derrick Shareef the terrorist never got the chance to.

I dunno about you but I'm about to saddle up for the War on Gumanism.

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