June 11, 2006

Is Zarqawi's Death Really Such a Victory?

I thought this was a war on terrorism in general (as stupid of a term as that is).Do people really need some big leader like that to show them how to blow shit up? What I'm saying is: Zarqawi may be dead, but do we expect the threat of terrorism to diminish as a result?

No one ever said terrorism will diminish because of Zarqui's death.
-"Fuzzy Muzzy"

Well if his death is seen as a victory in the War on Terrorism, I think that point of view implies an assumption of less or diminished terrorism. I mean, we kill people every day. Just because this guy was a leader, why does it matter if its some sort of moral booster or phychological blow to the enemy? I mean, bin Laden didn't fly the planes himself on 9/11; even if the leaders go down, this kind of enemy isn't going to weaken just because there's one less person to tell them what to blow up and when.

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