June 15, 2006

Blogging from Louisiana

I'm sitting here at my brother's girlfriend's laptop at her house with the aroma of taco pie being cooked. I've just completed my first day of "new student orientation" at the University of New Orleans. It was mostly pretty boring but I'm glad they're doing this. Tommorrow we learn more things and set up our schedule and get our student IDs and whatnot.

I just went to this vintage guitar shop downtown, it was freaking awesome! It was like they took a typical guitar shop and took out all the guitars you don't give a shit about and kept the really freaking sweet ones, and more stuff that you don't always see, like authentic Gibson jazz boxes from like the 30s with one pickup in the neck position, or sometimes no pickup. I wish I could afford one of those guitars, maybe I'll get to use one at UNO.

I slept on this air mattress last night, I ended up having to use the couch next to it as a prop for my head so my spine wouldn't be straind. And the ceiling fan above me was nice and loud, good white noise for sleeping nice and not very much.

New Orleans is cool and I'm glad its about to be my home.


Ron said...

Go see the Ninth Ward.

Adam said...

Yeah, staying on the West Bank and visting downtown and uptown didn't really give me a taste of how bad it was, other than the water line on the side of the highway as we were coming in.

But we walked down Frenchman street one night and there was plenty of good music going on so I think things are generally looking good for N.O. as a music city. I feel bad for the people who can't come back though, they were New Orleans. Its an outrage that some people in power are trying to keep them out for good (thinking that doing so will make New Orleans a better, safer place), not that crime has gotten any better with all of poor people being gone anyway...

Adam said...

I mean *"a lot of poor people" being gone anyway.

There was a murder right there in the city while I was there, three teenagers got shot in their truck by a man with a shotgun, supposedly because of what they were wearing.

Everyone should be aloud to come back to New Orleans, regardless of whether that would increase crime. I heard from a guy at orientation (who is planning to become an FBI agent) that New Orleans police officers are the lowest paid in the entire country, maybe THATS why crime is so bad there!