January 29, 2006

the future

I've been kind of wondering lately what my life will be like when I'm 30.

I think when I get to that age, I'm going to go on an all-rice diet, because both my grandfathers had heart attacks at some point in their lives and I know it was because of their childhood diets of eating bacon and eggs every single morning for breakfast. Just think of eating rice for every meal, how ninja is that? That'd be bad ass!

-"Hey, Adam, try this casserole!"

-"Sorry, I only eat rice."

-"Wow you're totally disciplined like a ninja, lets make out!"

-"You're not worthy."

Obviously that conversation was with a totally unworthy chick from the future. I'd probably experiment with different spices and seasonings to put in the rice, but not meat, unless its like fish or something, but most of the time it'd be a simple rice/spice mixture in a bowl, maybe eaten with chopsticks. Oh, and NO MORE SODA, only water and various fruit juices, not even MILK, 'cause milk is so not ninja.

Thats the future.

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