January 27, 2006


I can almost smell graduation. The lights of Stallworth Stadium are already burning in my eyes, I can feel the cold metal chair on my rump, and two great Texas music schools seem like they may accept me.

The University of North Texas, well known all around the country for their music program, has sent me all kinds of mail. Today I received an audition/scholarship application from the Moores School of Music, which is the University of Houston's music school. The only problem is, I'm not sure if I've actually been accepted by U of H. The only other school that has sent me anything has been Stephen F. Austin, but I have no interest in going there. At all.

If I'm accepted by U of H, I'm pretty sure I'll be going there, but the idea of going to North Texas (in Denton, 30 minutes north of Dallas) is actually kind of attractive too. Even though Dallas/Fort Worth SUCK and have no good live music scene that I know of, its still UNT. Mr. Moore, my band director, commented just today that UNT's music performance majors are pretty notorious, and I plan on majoring in music performance. U of H, however, is a more well known school altogether, and the Moore's School of Music is nothing to be ashamed of either. The other good thing about going to U of H would be that I wouldn't necessarily have to move out of the house, but the next question is: do I want to move out now?


Kyle said...

Adam, I found your blog through Ron Reeder's REAL ART site. I'm guessing you had him when he was at Sterling. Anyway, I'm the one who replaced him.

These are just my opinion's so take it for what it's worth, but I've always heard that UNT has the superior music program. I had friends who went there and thought they were among gods while there. Second, I don't think UH is any more well known than UNT nationwide. At least not enough to make a difference. They are about equal as far as notoriety goes.

Lastly, (and this is the reason I decided to comment) Dallas actually has a very thriving music scene, especially in Denton. The clubs in Deep Elum and the lower Greenville area are known as a very popular place for local bands to play. I'm from Baytown but lived in D/FW for 2 years and from my perspective, it's music scene is superior to Houston's. I actually like Houston better as a city and would like to see it's scene grow, (and if you can help do that then, by all means, stay), but Dallas and Denton have seen some great music come out of there. It may be that I know more about the Dallas scene because of my brother in law, who's in a band called the Earlies and he's from Dallas, but I haven't found the kind of diverse and vast array of music in Houston that they have in Dallas.

Good luck to you next year. Hope this helps.

Adam said...

It did help, Kyle. Thanks for commenting. And no, I didn't have Ron as a teacher but my brother and some of my friends did.

I guess even if Dallas does have a better music scene than Houston, I probably wouldn't feel like starting up a whole other band, but then again, why the hell am I gonna be a musician if I don't want to start new bands? I mainly just don't want to leave all my friends so soon, especially when my current band is starting to pick up some speed.