October 18, 2004

The Third Presidential Debate

I didn't see the second one, but I know it got less ratings than the baseball game, which is really awesome. The third debate was much like the first. This time George did a good job of smiling and standing up straight, while Kerry didn't smile much, but stood up straight also. This debate was about domestic issues, very little on war, which was kind of a breath of fresh air, but this debate was really boring anyway. This race is nothing but "He's bad, he's wrong, here's why he sucks(insert yammering), I don't suck and you can just take my word for it!". I know thats a slight exaggeration, but few would disagree completely.

Here's my Prediction:
Which ever candidate is ahead in the polls in two weeks is the winner.
It doesn't really matter who wins, a douche is a douche is a douche, no matter how you spin it. Since they are both equivalent in their douchebaggedness, voters will vote for whoever their friends and employers tell them to, so candidates should really be focussing on swing states that could go either way.

Why vote Bush? He don't take crap from no one, and he sticks to his guns(even if he's wrong)
Why vote against Bush? He got us into an expensive and unneccessary war and he can't speak proper English on his own.

Why vote Kerry? He's been in a war much like the one Bush has us in, and he can speak proper English on his own.
Why vote against Kerry? He panders horribly(not flip-flops). He panders almost to the point that he does flip-flop, but always with a nice cute little explanation.

Pick Kerry the douche.

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