October 2, 2008

Fuck Ron Paul

Houston Chronicle, courtesy of RealArt:

Some Galveston officials aren't too pleased with
their congressional representative, Ron Paul, R-Lake Jackson, for voting against
the $22.8 billion disaster recovery aid package on Wednesday.


"We've worked hard all our lives," said Gene Lossow.
"We take care of ourselves. I don't need FEMA or anything else. We got

the rest

It's called an emergency for a FUCKING reason. If Congress can nearly pass a 700 billion dollar bailout for Wall Street, what's another 30 billion for people who NEED IT? Meanwhile dumbfucks like this Gene Lossow guy and way too many people on this articles comment board say, "Deal with it mutherfuckers! I gots my insurance!"


Anonymous said...

Well you have your great bailout now, and you will see how well it works for you. Eventually you'll have to come to the conclusion that Ron Paul was right.

"GretnaBlast" said...

No, he was not right and he'll never be right on this.

Yeah, too bad for all the people in the Houston area who aren't millionaires and can't bring back their own city after a catastrophic storm surge (i.e. Galveston), bunch of blacks anyway, right?