May 8, 2008

One Flea Spare

I'm not going to pretend like I know how to review plays.

But I saw one the other day and I feel compelled to promote it.

It's called One Flea Spare, you can get all kinds of info right here.

This play offers all the great offerings a play could offer: sex, drugs, and classical music (not because it's in the public domain and therefore free to use but because it seems to fit the setting). But really, One Flea Spare is a new piece (written by Naomi Wallace) that takes place in England during the Plague and an aristocratic couple gets locked into their home with a couple of peasants: wackiness ensues!! Just kidding, but there are plenty of funny bits, most of them involving the character Kabe (played by Ron Reeder who pretty much stole the show every time he appeared, rock on, bro!).

There's a strong social message in this play, it addresses the main dividing issues between the upper and lower classes, and it does so with very modern style weirdness. Pretty freaking awesome.

If there's just one reason to go out and see it, it's the building. The Convergence Center for the Arts on Magazine Street is COOL, it's like a million years old and has to have some ghosts in it. It looks like you could hide somewhere in the building and just live there in secret forever, go check it out. Also, the play is performed in the middle of the audience on the third floor, it's just really cool vibes all night long baby.

Yeah, One Flea Spare.

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