April 30, 2008

Wright is Right

Anyone who bitches about Jeremiah Wright after hearing his very name for the first time a grand total of two or three months ago:

shut the fuck up.

How about listen to what he actually says instead of what Fox and NBC say he says? Context. Reality. Stop freaking out after every fucking sound bite you hear on the news, it's DESIGNED to stimulate. Try thinking.

And what the hell does it really have to do with Obama?

Obama was baptized in Wright's church in 1988, after being a religious skeptic for some years. I think it's pretty obvious that he's still a religious skeptic, he just joined a church so he would eventually have a chance at politics, because no president has ever been an atheist or agnostic, and no politician has ever won office with a lot of people knowing they weren't a good, married, Christian straight guy. That's why he joined a church. Hell, if you're going to sit in church every Sunday to make yourself look like a decent guy, you might as well go to a church with an entertaining preacher.

But get this: Reverend Wright isn't crazy. Like, at all, actually. I think about 98% of what he preaches is fricken genius, based on what I've actually heard HIM say.

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