January 21, 2008

White separatists protest in Jena, La.

From the AP courtesy of mercurynews.com:

JENA, La.—About 50 white separatists protested the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday Monday in this tiny town, which was thrust into the spotlight months ago by 20,000 demonstrators who claimed prosecutors discriminated against blacks.

Police separated participants in the "pro-majority" rally organized by the Learned, Miss.-based Nationalist Movement from a racially mixed group of about 100 counter-demonstrators outside the LaSalle Parish Courthouse. There was no violence and one arrest, a counter-demonstrator.


50 racist protesters, twice as many counter-protesters. As horrible as it was to piss on Dr. King's grave like those supremacists did today, it's good to know that for every American racist there's two people who are willing to go out and meet them in the streets to protest their ignorance.

Last month I made a couple of videos about American whites who claim to be the new victims of racism. It's bullshit and we've got to call them on it at every instance possible. We're never going to tackle corporate crimes against humanity if blacks and whites still can't get along after all of this time.

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Diego said...

Tell it like it is my friend.