September 10, 2007

Explosions strike Mexico gas pipelines

From the AP:

VERACRUZ, Mexico - Mexican gas and oil pipelines were attacked in six places before dawn Monday, causing explosions, fires and gas leaks that forced the evacuation of thousands of people.


Mexico is a major oil producer and exporter, with oil and related taxes accounting for over a third of the federal government's revenue. The United States imported 12.7 million cubic feet of natural gas from Mexico in 2006, about 0.3 percent of total imports that year.


Why on earth would anyone want to blow up a pipeline in their own country? Well people in the middle east do it because all the oil is destined to leave the country and benefit someone else, with no gain to anyone but the people in government and big business. So basically what people think when their resources are being stolen is, "If we can't have it, no one can!" I think that's what's happened in Mexico, I'm suprised it doesn't happen more often.

As the article says, the US imported 12.7 million cubic feet of natural gas last year alone. Do Mexican workers see the bulk of the profit? I guarantee you they don't. So eventually people decide to screw over the people they think are screwing them over first.

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