August 10, 2007

Friday Art Blog!

These are from a place The Drafted played at in Beaumont called The Art Studio, Inc. We played in this huge warehouse behind the actual studio and there was this back part that used to be offices or apartments or something and there was a lot of cool shit there. The photos of the paintings are from inside the studio and the ones of cool objects are from the warehouse.

All the creepy stuff was inside that opening you see to the left, there were a few rooms up there and below there was something that looked like it used to be a shop.

Really artsy pic!

Cool painting in the warehouse, reminds me of my mom, she loves roosters.

Very creepy markings, probably not authentic though

Old car, pretty rare I think

Scary elevator shaft

Very cool

My personal favorite

*Note these paintings were for sale and I could probably get in trouble for having them on this page, but no one stopped me from taking pictures of them so until I get a lawsuit threat, they'll stay here. You can purchase them at The Art Studio, Inc. in Beaumont, TX

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