May 16, 2007

I saw Jello Biafra...I met Jello Biafra

Last night my friend Omeed and I saw Jello Biafra's show in Houston. It was AWESOME. He talked for hours and it was all soooooooo good.

Then after the show I got his autograph, asked him why he wasn't in American Hardcore, took a picture with him (which is on Omeed's camera and will probably NEVER reach any place near the internet), and we gave him our cd. I'm not exactly sure why we gave him our cd, there's no way in hell he's going to listen to it.

It was a singular experience in my life. It inspired me to try and boycott more places and remember why I keep my band going and why I ever wrote blogs. I want to discuss issues with people I disagree with. I want to get ideas flowing, I want to rile up resistance, I want to make change.

I won't get burnt out on my principles.

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Ron said...

Yeah, Jello really is an inspiration. I got to see him at #'s on his first spoken word tour after 9/11 and it was something else. It really kind of affected me, too, artistically. I'm really intrigued by the idea of the one-man show on a low budget dealing humorously and poignantly with political and cultural issues. Actually, I did something like that here at LSU for a final in a performance theory class I just took. There's an mpeg floating around somewhere that I want to put on youtube.