January 29, 2007

"Viva Bush"? what the FUCK?

Driving back from Texas yesterday, I noticed a bumper sticker on a car in front of me that clearly said "Bush" but had something else before it that I couldn't make out. I sped up to get a closer look, I figured it said something negative, but it actually said something that made me say, "You're a fucking idiot!," out loud. This was the sticker:

The driver appeared to be Hispanic but it doesn't really matter. The sticker looked too old to be an anti-Hugo Chavez one, it must have just been an extremely rare and quite troublesome message from the Hispanic community. It's rare because most Latinos know that Bush doesn't give a shit about them or their native countrymen. Our foreign policy has royally screwed over millions of poor people in Latin America. Why any knowledgable Hispanic American would vote for Bush, or any Republican for that matter, is beyond me. I can understand why an unopinionated and politically ignorant Hispanic person would vote for Bush, but for someone who felt strongly enough to put a political sticker on their car, and to be completely blind to Bush's blatently anti-Latino foreign policy, is just disturbing.

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