August 31, 2006

That last blog sucked

What I was trying to say yesterday was that I started off last week with a lot of confusion about my classes. I just now straightened out my last problem and am feeling much better about my time here. I should probably be reading up on these issues that are coming up in my English class regarding the New Orleans tax assessor consolidation and the levee board consolidation, but whatever.

I just now had my first guitar lesson ever. I can't wait to kick ass. Its going to happen pretty soon.

The stuff I said yesterday about not making any friends is pretty true, but I do know a few graduate students who go to this church that my brother and I have been going to on Sundays, they're really nice.

I really do feel pretty out of control still, but at least I have a chance to get over it now that I've gotten all my class conflicts straightened out. I'll blog about political stuff soon.

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Ron said...

Adam, that's just how freshman year at a reasonably large university generally is, especially if you don't buy your way into a greek social system, and, trust me, you don't want to do that. Things will get better in terms of friends because you're studying music, and will be working closely with lots of other students. I was pretty miserable at UT my first year until I changed my major to theater. Then college was totally great. I'm sure the same will happen to you.

And welcome to Louisiana.