April 28, 2005

Dubya on TV today

Oh Lord, Mr. President is talking downstairs right now on the idiot box. Its called a "presidential news conference". From a news conference one would expect to be informed and educated on issues, this conference does not do that.

This is an obvious attempt to boost approval ratings in a time of increasing questioning of George and his party's recent actions, just a little reminder that the guy we picked is tough as nails and don't take shit. People respect a man who don't take shit right?

Every answer George gives the reporters is basically, "I'm not sure, but (insert something that sounds retarded)".

He's gone on about how Social Security isn't going to last, but hasn't explained how he wants to fix it. All he has said is that it needs to be fixed, and that it's not getting done because the parties aren't agreeing. WHOA, thanks for clearing that up for us.

All he's doing is giving his opinions about the issues and explaining the importance of the issue, not what he plans to do about it, so how can they call this a news conference?

The only thing I got out of watching the conference was an update that the man still has not learned how to pronounce the word "nuclear".

Horay for being informed!!!!!

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