February 22, 2005

North Korea

Yeah, I'm kinda back. Sorry this is old news. This is from my website thedrafted.tk.

"Look at North Korea, braggin' and a boastin' 'bout their weapons of mass destruction. Thats just great, there's no doubt in our minds that the words they say are true, THEY GOT NUKES! NORTH KOREA NORTH KOREA! Now look at Iraq, we've got their country beat up for a so called reason. They are supposed to have big weapons, just like the one of the country forementioned..."-from "North Korea", by The Drafted

Kim Jung il has formally admitted that North Korea has a nuclear weapons program. He ain't negotiatin' either. So what should we do? A big ol' bunch of people down in Washington probably think we should tear 'em up. Here's my opinion:

Since they claim to have developed nukes from fear of U.S. aggression, we should get rid of our own.

It seems naive, but you really can't blame them for being affraid of us. George Bush is a freakin' moron and the world hates him. We're not helping ourselves by telling everyone they can't have nukes while we have more than anyone else, it only generates more hatred toward the U.S. Destroying our nuclear weapons will set a good example for other nuclear nations and would most likely have positive effects. If we use the destruction of our own nukes as a negotion tactic, we could save many more lives than if we took the war to Korea. Kim Jung il is not a new Hitler; Hitler laid out exactly what he was going to do in Mein Kampf, then pretended to negotiate with Britain and the Soviet Union. Kim Jung il says he developed the nuke program to protect North Korea from America and will not talk about destroying them. I think our first move should be to leave him the hell alone, giving him less reasons to want to use his weapons on us. North Korea...has no capability of doing what Germany did to cause World War II, so why waste our time on them? However, if he does try to invade South Korea or something, we SHOULD help stop him, since we're responsible for there being a North and South Korea in the first place (remember the Korean war?). But we should not use nuclear weapons on them or anyone else. We have plenty of non-nuclear weapons that will do just fine.

The Republicans: "Okay, Okay, FINE, we want to go to war with North Korea so we can LIBERATE its people from their horrible, insane, rutheless, opressive dictator. If you're against LIBERATIN' then you HATE FREEDOM!

Lemme give you an example of another country whose people are killed and grossly mistreated by their leaders besides pre-war Iraq and North Korea: Saudi Arabia. Now, why hasn't anyone talked about going to war with Saudi Arabia? Here's a hint, they have billions of dollars invested in our banks, if we piss them off they could put us into another depression. This shows that we only beat up on countries who don't help us economically, which shows that we're a huge bully, a bully with nukes, which scares the hell out of the rest of the world. Saudi Arabia likes us, in fact. The Bush family is actually quite close to the Saudi royal family. Being on the good side of an opressive dictatorship is something Bush is used to.

Besides, if we leave him alone and he nukes us anyway, we won't be around to regret it. I know that sounds awful, but sometimes awful is just what the truth is.

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